Wearable for Cyclist

A nice trail, awesome music, great company, a fitness companion and a tool to capture your success.

Cyclist Bone Conduction Headset

What is it that you look for in a great cycling experience? Cyclist has answer to all you desire. Grab your companion, your buddy, your love, your Cyclist!!

Cyclist is technologically and aesthetically made to appeal your senses and needs. That is why we say, it’s more of a ‘Desire’ for the cycling enthusiasts and an ideal wearable for cyclist. If you love Cycling, you will love Cyclist.

Sporting Sounds: Cycle on the tune of your heart
wearable for cyclist
Designed to perfection

The design is perfect combination of technology and the human body kinematics. This wearable for cyclist, keeps record of your Heart Rate, your trail, your efforts. Additionally, it makes your journey totally safe with Gesture Control features like receiving calls on the nod of a head and rejecting it with just a shake of it. And, Yes! It adds a back light to your helmet and add lights to your journey.

Achieve more with Helfis Cyclist app

Connect for an enriching cycling experience.
Now track your rides, monitor progress and achieve your fitness goals while you indulge in outstanding music experience!
Cyclist comes with Helfis Cyclist App available for Apple iOS and Android.


Find more insights on your performance and Relive Cycling Experience.

  • Analyze your Heart Rate
  • Track your Ride
  • Control your phone with Gestures
  • Safe your ride with Backlight
  • Play soundtracks as per your heartbeat zones
  • Music control

It’s an entirely new experience with the Bone Conduction Technology. The sound quality is great. The feel of the product is amazing. And amazing was the fact, that the Great Beethoven is supposed to be an inventor of the Bone Conduction Technology. One can easily understand the sound quality and bass of the product. Totally loving it.

Roland Dimai

When I first heard about the product, I thought it would be some earphones for cycling. I was new to Bone Conduction Technology, but after its use, I am in love with the product. Great music and those extra little vibrations on my cheekbone, along with the fitness parameters being monitored, this product is one must buy for anyone into outdoor activities.

Saurabh A.

I first used the product during a Beta test phase conducted in a cycling event in Delhi. Over 45Kms of my ride, I fell in love with the product and immediately ordered my unit. The sound quality is great. The analysis met with the results on my Strava and the Heart Rate Monitoring thing was just amazing.

Bone Conduction

These headsets create mini vibrations that send sound through the cheek bones, directly to your ears. It effectively frees your ears so that you can enjoy your music while being aware about the world around you. It features Leaky Compensation Technology which delivers a great sound experience.

How to use Cyclist

Cyclist Bone Conduction Headset is an intelligent Bluetooth headset, designed for the cyclist, working with an app and achieving a multi-function. Just mount the headset on the cycling helmet and connect it with the Cyclist App, and let the device cast a spell on you.

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