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Helfis Salveo

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  • In-Ear Real Time HEART RATE MONITORING with voice assisted sports coaching
  • Seamless synchronization of heart rate, biometric data and performance with Salveo app
  • Extreme clarity, articulation, and tight, super bass powerful sound
  • Sports Earphone with Sweat proof and dust proof IP65 protection
  • BPA-free material and earbuds for healthier and safer life

Helfis Salveo fitness and sports earphones assists you in maintaining your heart rate at the optimum aerobic heart rate zone for your body type and to avoid over-exertion. The Salveo heart rate sensing earphones are based on the state-of-the-art ActivHearts technology that helps you Burn Fat, Build Muscle and avoid Over-Exerting the heart. Utilizing Bluetooth Smart connectivity, it is probably one of the world's smallest and fitting heart-rate detecting earbuds.

Whether you are trying to achieve Fat Burn without excessive muscles building or you are trying to Build Muscles without over-exerting your heart, Salveo is the fitness and sports companion for you. Also, if you are exercising or sweating it out on the field, Salveo monitors your health in real time and provides the advice you need to maintain the right intensity.

Smart Solutions for Healthy Living
Helfis is on a mission to provide its customers with the finest preventive healthcare solutions and make their lives healthy and fit. Helfis combines the power of sensitive measuring devices and computational technologies operating on a cloud based platform to offer smart health solutions.

The vision behind its formation is to create sustainable solutions essential to a better, safer and healthier life for people everywhere. The health tech startup is currently offering solution to various lifestyle diseases with its products to customers through schools, health institutions and corporate wellness programs.


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