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About Us

We keep track of body vital statistics and further monitor them to provide you with customized healthcare solution

Tech meets health culture

At Helfis, the team of consultants, hackers and hustlers of code, sports enthusiasts, healthcare experts and designers work with doctors, researchers, dieticians, and trainers across the world to impart preventive healthcare.

Helfis is the quantum leap in preventive healthcare, which combines the power of body sensitive measurement devices and computational technologies operating on a cloud based platform to offer you smart health solutions.

With our proprietary hardware and software systems working in tandem, we establish a link between your physical activity and the corresponding health outcomes, hence providing technology oriented solutions to enable you to achieve your everyday body goals. The recorded body statistics are further used to improve our offerings and thereby enhance your physical activity and boost your health and fitness levels.

Your healthy life is just a tap away

We recognize the fact that we operate on a technology platform but we also realize that we cannot do what we promise to do without the help of the authentic health culture proponents. All our solutions are not just powered by our technology but also augmented by medical professionals and health experts.


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