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Solutions for Individual

We offer a host of services for both casual and hardcore users, allowing them to not only monitor their health but also plan and maintain a healthy regimen.

Your Personal Health And Fitness Companion

Helfis customizes preventive healthcare and wellness modules for every customer, and by using personal health data and plan adherence reports from the Helfis app, it analyzes progress and suggests areas of improvement on a person-to-person basis.

The Health Analyzer

The health analyzer tracks individual’s health by monitoring parameters (such as health screenings, vaccinations, nutrition-intake, weekly diet-charts, biometric assessments and immunizations) and provide preventive healthcare solutions.

Fitness Assessment Module

Helfis utilizes a custom-made fitness assessment module to assess key fitness parameters such as flexibility, agility, strength, cardiovascular fitness, endurance, coordination and speed, and ergonomic assessments, thereby helping us to plan your fitness regimen better.

Sports Assessment and Management

For the athlete in you, this service also includes features such as Training Schedule, Performance Manager, Gap Analyzer, Real-time Coaching, Leader Boards and Group Challenges, to provide you with the comprehensive analysis and insights you need to plan you sports regimen.

Online Physiometry Test

The Online Physiometry Test, which comprises of smart tools and applications, is the first step to achieving your goals. It assesses and measures a host of parameters in order to decide your health plan:

  • Daily Physical Activity Level
  • Psychometry
  • Diet intake and Eating behaviors
  • Sports Aptitude
  • Muscle Structure
  • Fitness Levels & Medical history
  • Age Group (children, adolescents and adults)
Leveraging the Big-data Advantage

Helfis leverages the power of big-data to identify health patterns and provide users incomparable in-depth analysis of their own health. It helps provide personalized insight for a multitude of reasons such as:

  • Performance measurement and management
  • Identifying at-risk users
  • Tracking outcomes
  • Real-time, highly personalized insights
  • Predictive algorithms that calculates the chance of user becoming septic based on age, family history, genetic markers and other unique factors.
Predictive Diagnostics

Assessment and Intelligent Diagnostics (AID) system applies advanced big-data analytics to user health data and capture user resemblances to produce a personalized health risk profile for individual users. AID can be employed to explore wider health histories, suggest earlier inconsiderate concerns and ease discussion about wellness strategies and early testing and prevention.

Health proctor and alerts

The system renders a personalized list of lifestyle change recommendations on the basis of user’s personal big data predicted health risks and helps in avoiding debilitating and life threatening diseases.

Our big data driven platform also records a constant stream of physiological data, such as user’s vital signs, which is used to assess the user’s condition and analyze health monitor data in real time.

Proactive Care

With the advent of big data analytics, predictive care is giving rise to proactive care. The system render a personalized list of lifestyle change recommendations on the basis of users own big data predicted health risks. Therefore, it will help in avoiding debilitating and life threatening diseases.

Expert Connect

Connect to Physicians, Dieticians, Consultants, Fitness Trainers and Sports Coaches from around the globe/country through the Helfis app 24x7. The Helfis expert team helps in the evolution and accomplishment of the user’s personal wellness goals.

Seamless integration

Our system provides seamless integration between our proprietary earphones and any comparable health app. While it works best in sync with our wearable device but it is also compatible with all third party devices that use the standard Bluetooth Smart Profile. Meaning, you don’t need to lose those previous workout statistics to jump aboard!