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Why Helfis?

Delivering our promise of newer and better interventions to curb lifestyle diseases

The Challenge

For the first time in history, lifestyle diseases are killing more people than communicable ones. In statistical form, the economic burden of these ailments for India over the next 20 years will be 9 times of what it has been in the last 20 years. In nutshell, it is a drain on your own health and a multi-trillion dollar output loss to the economy.

Customized Healthcare solutions

We understand and respect your individual entity as much as you, and that is why our solutions are customized for your personal use, based on our evaluation of your body type and activity cycles.

How is it affecting the world around us?
  • Inefficiency at Work Place
  • 860 Million Chronic Disease Patients
  • 80% Healthcare Cost related to Chronic Diseases
  • Unfit Kids & Adults
  • 63% Annual Deaths caused by Chronic Diseases
  • 375 Million Diabetic Patients by 2025 globally
  • High Medical Loss Ratio for Insurance Companies

And as if the brunt wasn’t severe enough, it also tampers with your long term health while disrupting your peace of mind owing to frequent fitness and lifestyle issues.

Not to mention loss of your own long term health and peace of mind due to issues such as dropping fitness levels, rising health costs, and lifestyle diseases such as heart attacks and strokes.

The Helfis Solution

Big Data

Helfis employs big data analytics to access and analyze disparate healthcare data to gain actionable insights for improving user care and provide better outcomes.

User Environment Integration

Helfis integrates all the data about the user and his or her environment to provide better predictions and helps target interventions to the right users.

Effective Engagement Process

Helfis increases access to healthcare through effective engagement.

Mobile and Social Healthcare

Helfis is pioneering the way consumers expect to leverage and receive care through mobile technology, social media and internet of things

Cost Benefits

Our increased focus on preventive care and wellness will help in bending the cost curve for its users.

Constant Evolution

Helfis increases access to healthcare through effective engagement.


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