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At HELFIS, we don’t just cater to the deeply involved fitness enthusiasts but also ensure that our services find their way to reach everybody who needs it. Be it creating more productive organizations at work through a healthy and more motivated workforce, or helping people in families and employees strike the perfect balance between their professional and personal lives, HELFIS is for everyone who cares about his body and values his health.

Promise of new interventions

Living amidst professional constraints and spoilt for unhealthy choices, we find ourselves trapped by lifestyle diseases. With regular body monitoring and evaluation checks, HELFIS ensures that you keep these deadly diseases at bay with the correct preventive measures.

Customized Healthcare solutions

We understand and respect your individual entity as much as you, and that is why our solutions are customized for your personal use, based on our evaluation of your body type and activity cycles. Our technology supported by our experts from the medical and health world, enable us to offer you what works for you.

Tech meets health culture

We recognize the fact that we operate on a technology platform but we also realize that we can't do what we promise to do without the help of the authentic health culture proponents. Our solutions are not just powered by our technology but also augmented by medical professionals and health experts.


Watch our video to learn how Helfis is making health and fitness assessment handy

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