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Solutions for Organizations

We create more productive organizations for you, for we believe healthy people are smarter people

The Pain Point

A sedentary lifestyle coupled with unhealthy eating habits not only affects individuals but also organizations that they work for. Organizations are under competitive and legislative pressure to mitigate stress related issues which directly impact the bottom line. A stressed workforce is not a productive one.

The Helfis Approach

Helfis can help an organization by reviving its health-culture and provide tangible benefits to its balance sheet through the usage of its organization-specific features


Organization-wide Health and Wellness Management Tracking


Leverage big data to get a more complete view of stakeholder health, and proactively engage participants to change unhealthy behaviors and reinforce current good behaviors.


Customized programming features allow organizations to design the program around their specific needs

To understand more about how Helfis can improve the health of your employees, please visit our For Individuals page.

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